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  • How do you pronounce your name?
    Gabe (gayb) Cole (kol) Novoa (no-VO-uh)
  • What are your pronouns?
  • Why are some of your books under a different name?
    As part of my transition, I changed my psuedonym. You can learn more about that here:
  • If I'm writing about your books written under your former pseudonym, how should I refer to you?
    Thank you for asking this! I always prefer people use my name (Gabe Cole Novoa) whenever writing about me or my books—even my books written under my old pseudonym. To avoid confusion, I've asked that people write something like, "Beyond the Red by Gabe Cole Novoa, written under his former pseudonym, Ava Jae."
  • Do I have to read THE WICKED BARGAIN to understand THE DIABLO'S CURSE?
    You do not! THE DIABLO'S CURSE is a companion novel, not a direct sequel. That means you can read THE DIABLO'S CURSE and get all the information you need to understand the story without having read THE WICKED BARGAIN. That said, you should know that THE DIABLO'S CURSE does have some spoilers about the end of THE WICKED BARGAIN. And if you like pirates and demon may want to read THE WICKED BARGAIN anyway :)
  • Is the Dami in THE DIABLO'S CURSE the same Dami as THE WICKED BARGAIN?
    They are indeed the same Dami! THE DIABLO'S CURSE picks up less than a year after the events of THE WICKED BARGAIN and tells Dami's story.
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